Mae Mai Community

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Another community, another culture.

Today, you will experience an old city remains which will bring you back in time. So, take a moment, a cup of tea next you and allow you to travel with us at Bang Mae Mai known as the 100 Living Years Village.

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This charming village is located in Bang Pla Ma district inside the Suphanburi Province (Central region). The province is known for its historical sites, temples and local food. Its highlight are Sam Chuk Market and Phu Toei National Park.

Sam Chuk Market was owned by a Chinese community a century ago. It was a huge trade place and soon become a lively community. Time went one and now, only a few members of the community live in the village. Inside the market, you will discover a museum that will take you back into the past.

Phu Toei National Park is made of mountain and forests. It has the Khao Tewada summit that can be a great hiking exercise. During your journey, your will encounter many rivers and lush forest with flora and fauna. We recommend you to take a rest next to a waterfall to see the fish and listen to the nature.



Traditional house, verdant rice fields, a river, and smiles… This is the story of Bang Mae Mai. This small community has successfully maintained its culture for more than 100 years. They still use the same objects as their ancient.

They have a specific dish only eaten in this community : The Plan Nam (pounded fish salad). Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find it outside the community.

They are part of a Thai-Chinese community.



With their ancient culture, they have many ancient temple and houses to visit. You have the Wat Bang Mae Mai which was built in the late Ayutthaya period. During old times, it was called “Wat Bot” which means ordination hall. In fact, the temple owns a single ordination hall.

Another one is Pavilion Thai Teak which is older than 100 years. This place is delicately decorated with colored glass and wooden teak lined up nicely. Inside, the sunlight offers you a show of dancing light through the glasses. Its location along the Tha Chin River is just mesmerizing. We recommend you to take a moment to witness the surrounding environment before heading to the old market.

The 100-years-old Kaohong (Traditional HouseMarket) is not as animated as before. Built during King Rama V reign, it survived through the ages. You will even find small shops selling everyday products for the locals. This market kept its charm intact thanks to its wooden shops and local inhabitants.

Then, you must visit Wat Arn. This temple has the particularity to not host any monks but being perfectly conserved. The reason behind this, is locals taking care of the temple every day. The statue inside named Luang Pho Chanta Rangsee is known for making true wishes. The legends said that someone asking success, must offer something to the statue, after his wish has been made true.

Last activity is the visit of the Four Connected Thai Traditional Houses. This is four houses that are connected by the hallway. These kind of “multiple houses in one” was shared between members of a family. This moment will lead you into the past through exchange with the population. For example, you will learn about their brooms aged of 100 years.

To finish, you can have others activities such as boat tours or sightseeing boats. Taking your time on the river to listen to the fauna is something that will help you to connect with the nature. You will also have the possibility to tour around sugar plains and taste it. There is even local shows to highlight their unique culture.


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