• our mission

    Leisure with impact ;)

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    Each traveler makes an impact.

    By using our services, you make a real impact on Thai local people. A homestay experience will provide resources to the remote village. At the same time, a food tour will help vendors maintain their business and improve their lives. As a client, you also make an impact on us. You support us to grow, and little by little we hope to become the bridge between you and Thai people.

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    Community-Based Tourism

    Each of our touristic products is made in collaboration with the community. There are no intermediaries. This trustworthy relationship helps us to provide you quality products. We can proudly say that our "Homestay experience" is a product created by the local community. A percentage of our profit goes back to the community.

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    High qualitative service

    As a small company, we treat you like a family member. We will take care of your desires and your wellness but also go beyond to offer the best experience you could have in Thailand. Don't hesitate to make special inquiries as we are willing to provide you with the best experience.