Discover Museums in Bangkok


Discover Museums in Bangkok

Discover Museums in Bangkok

Are you wandering around in Bangkok with curiosity in the history of Thailand? About their life living? About Thai culture? Here are some historical museums in Bangkok.


#King Prajadhipok Museum

This museum is 3 storey floor. Each floor has its own story such as the first floor displays the story of the queen, her activities, biography, hobbit, etc…

The second floor shows the story of King Rama 7 since his youth until his death. And the third floor shows his personal properties such as his clothes, his personal collection, etc…

Biography of queen

King Rama 7 and his wife

King Rama7’s biography

His glasses

His proper costume

His lighter collection

#Rattanakosin exhibition hall

Rattanakosin exhibition hall is located near King Prajadhipok Museum in the area of Panfa leelard.Inside the museum presents Thai’s culture, Thai history, History of kings of Thailand, Thai lifestyle also beliefs too. Before visiting this exhibition hall, please make sure that you have enough time for 2 hours. It divides into 2 routes to visit the museum. Per route takes 2 hours and means if you would like to visit both routes you need 4 hours.

Route 1: 7 Exhibition rooms duration 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Route 2: 2 Exhibition rooms duration 2 Hours

Please note ** you are allowed to take the photo but you can’t record any video**

This picture shows the local lifestyle of people in the past

This picture shows the replica of the first bank of Thailand

The replica of the post office

Replica stores in the past

Thai drugs

Replica air raid shelter in world war II

#Museum Siam

Museum Siam is a discovery museum which is located near Wat Pho. It is three stored building. It is created for people to learn Thai history, culture, also for temporary exhibitions too.

Museum Siam

Thai dancer

Be an old-style man

Royal Barge

Local lifestyle

King’s throne

Kom dum din

Nang Kwaw

#Bangkok folk museum

Bangkok folk museum was originally Suravadi family. The owner of this house was Associate Professor Waraporn Suravadi who passed away peacefully in 2017. The museum was built to preserve ancient kinds of stuff and also the lifestyle of early Bangkok.

There are 3 buildings in the museum which museum shows different presentation.

Building 1 used to be a main house of the owner

At living room

Changing room

An old style bed

Building 2 and 3

Bedroom at building 2

Portrays of the owner of this museum

Medicine appliance

Thai basins

Thai banknote in the past


Thai Handicraft Baskets

And here are some historical museums in Bangkok. Hope you enjoy reading our blog and wish this could be a guide to you who are interested to visit.


Author by Junior Land Field

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