Manorah Dance, Thailand


Manorah Dance, Thailand



About Manorah dance, Manorah or as it called in Southern Thai “Nora” (Menorah) is an entertainment is popular for hundreds of years and still on these days.


There are many stories about the origin of this dance. There is one story about a young prince, Prasuthon. He had travel and find his lover “Manohra” which is half bird half human for 7 years 7 months 7 days then people started to call this dance Manohra and there was one popular team of manora dancers in that time, called “Manohra”, The meaning literary of manohra is MINDS GUIDER. There is another myth which is very popular in the south that it was the story about the princess “Nuan Tong Samli”, the daughter of Pattalung lord. She saw angels dancing in her dream and then she adapted it to create the Manohra dance. Historically it seems reasonable to assume that this dance was influenced from the Indian dance and released to the the south of Thailand during a journey of committees who brought Buddha’s relics to Nakhon Sri Thammarat pagoda.


At start the dance was called “Chatri” but than it changed and merged with the myth of “Pra su thon – manohra”. The southerns belive that the manohra dance is good for untying bad luck, bringing good luck and curing health problem. The Mahnorah dance choreography used to be delivered in families from generation to generation. The manorah dancers believe that the Manohra old generation dancers still protect them for peaceful lives. Manohra dance has profoundly relative with southern believes. It is usually being performed at many importance festivals. In the south Manohra performance can still be seen every year, especially in Taa kae sub-district of Pattalung Province, this big event called “Nora rong kruu”. The purpose of the event is to give respect to Manohra teachers. it is set for 3 days 3 nights. This festival gathers Manohra dancers from everywhere in the south. They play live music using local musical instruments and perform in dancing the Manorah stories such as fighting with the crocodile.