SiamRise Travel joins APAC Insider Magazine The Winners of The South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC Insider Magazine has announced winners of the 2022 South East Asia Business Awards.

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The events of the last two years have proven to be a challenging gauntlet for businesses of all sizes across the world. For new businesses looking to build and settle on robust foundations, the global pandemic proved to be a baptism of fire defined by uncertainty and overcome only through sheer creativity and adaptability. Of course, online businesses faired better overall, and it is here that many South East Asian companies gained ground that would have otherwise been lost. All in all, South East Asia, as a region, has showcased a steadfast ability to find success.

It is with this in mind that APAC Insider Magazine launched the 2022 edition of the awards programme. On the eve of the announcement Awards Co-ordinator Victoria Cotton commented on the success of the deserving winners: “It has been a delight to reach out to those selected in this year’s programme. I offer my heartfelt congratulations to all of those recognised, and I wish you all an amazing rest of the year ahead.”

SiamRise Travel have been annouced as the Best Sustainable Tour Operator Thailand and we would love to thank you APAC Insider Magazine for this valuable award in the catagory of Southeast Asia Business Awards.

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