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As a social enterprise, specialized in responsible tourism, we are working with locals to uplift them. They are also part of our sustainable process which is including them in the tourism field, while creating positive impacts.

Today, we will present you one of the communities, we worked with in the past.


Koh Klang - An island of faith, where the Muslim lifestyle meets the sea.

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Krabi is a province located in the south of Thailand next to Andaman Sea. This is famous for its beaches, crystal water and coral reefs. Activities such as snorkeling, swimming and island hopping are strongly recommended. Krabi is also the place of many national park such as Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, known for their unreal landscapes and exotic marine life.

Koh Klang Community is located on a small island next to Krabi River. The only way to go to the island is by boat.

You will be amazed by the natural environment here. Know that 80% of the island is covered by mangrove forest. Nonetheless, rice fields, coconuts trees, fish farms and ducks’ farms are part of the landscape. In terms of fauna, bring your camera as you may encounter many species such as long-tailed macaque, the sea eagle, and the stork. Keep in mind that during your visit here, you must respect their natural environment as much as possible.



Koh Klang Community is a traditional fishing community. Their uniqueness is their religion as they are Muslims. In the past, immigrants from Malaysia came to the island to live there. Don’t expect to see white sand beaches, but instead fishermen, small boats, and a lot of fresh and delicious fishes. Locals aim to keep their way of life as it is. Their connection with the nature, the sea and mostly their surroundings is part of their culture.

Life in Koh Klang seems to be frozen in a different time, far away from hustle and bustle of urban life just across the river. The island warmly welcome travelers who come to learn and share in the local culture and way of life. In respect of the precious local culture, they ask for cooperation to follow their local rules through simple steps :

  • Do not bring alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substance into Koh Klang.
  • Do not show intimacy in public.
  • Do not bring pork into Koh Klang.
  • Do not bring dogs into Koh Klang.
  • Dress modestly while exploring Koh Klang (long trousers and covered shoulders, nothing to revealing).



Those activities were part of a work between Siamrise Travel and them. The goal was to provide unique activities that would teach and reveal to travelers their way of life.

Skirt around islets as well as observes daily life as tides rise and fall, was part of the highlight. Also, you would beable to witness their ingenious local methods to capture fish, crabs, and shellfish. The island is surrounded by pristine mangroves with great bird watching opportunities, as well.

Know that they propose other activities by themselves, such as digging clams for your dinner and visiting their rice fields.

Don’t leaveThailand, without visiting this community !