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Today, we are presenting you, our joyful tour guide, Aum. Some of you, may have already participated in one of her guidance, during a tour. For the other, it will be an occasion to know more about her. 

Aum, don't be shy and tell us more about you !


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Who are you and where do you come from ? 

Hi, my name is Aum and my full name is Wanlaya. It has a specific signification, as it means "the heiress". I'm 37 years old and I am gratuated from Burapha University. I studied in Geo-informatic of technology as major subject and Cultural resources management as minor subject. I have one older sister and one younger brother. My hometown is Chonburi, eastern Thailand. I'm single and I'm looking for a boyfriend (ahahah).


What was your previous job ?

I started my first career as a receptionist at the hotel in Sukhumvit soi 3 (Bangkok). For my second career, I worked inside a customer service, in Wan Hai Thailand, a shipping company. My third career was as the sales co-ordinator inside engineering field. In 2016, I applied for an intensive tour guide training. Once I got the tour guide's license, I quit my job and became a full time tourist guide.


What is your current job ? 

As a freelance, I have another job. Since 2020, I have been working as the helper at the homemade sausage shop.


Tell us more about SiamRise Travel. Would you say, it is a responsible company ? 

What I love about Siamrise travel is their type of tours. I am interested in culture, people, their way of life and the concept of Siamrise travel talks to me :  responsible and substainable tourist. In my opinion, the essential of the tour will reflect their concept. What I also love is their work environment. They make me feel like I am working with friends.


What is SiamRise travel according to you ? 

For me, SiamRise Travel is a company that upflift local community. For most of the tours, Siamrise travel will ask the people in the communities to show us around their village and to give us information about their customs, food, etc. This way, it can help communities to recognize their resources, the potential of it and present it to travelers.  


What do you think of sustainability ?

Sustainability is essential nowaday. I used to not apply it, but once I studied about it, I recognized that it is necessary to run the tours with the concept of sustainability. As a tour guide, I don't want to lose any of our tourism resources. 


What is your typical working day ?

I wake up at 5.00 am in the working day as a tourist guide. The first thing I do every morning is taking a cup of coffee. Before a tour, I take 24 hours to study about cultural aspect, stories, etc. When I am not doing a night tour, I sleep early at 09.00 pm.During my free days, I wake up at 06.00 am, drink a cup of coffee and workout for 30 minutes. Then, I like watching the news before going to work. My job is helping to arrange the material to make to sausage's and bacon. I can start at 9 am and finish at 6 pm, depending on job. 


What is your plan for the future ? 

I will keep working with Siamrise travel ! 

I plan to keep improving my skills as a tourist guide to provide better service. I also plan to travel. I have been to eight coutries in Asia already. I want to learn more about the people and their culture. I'm so excited everytime when I have an opportunity to visit other places in country or outside the country.