• 2 Days | Ban Rai | Uthai Thani



  • 🍀Experiences:

    • Discover the village and pay respect to Luang Pho to at Wat Pha Tang

    • Make a local dessert

    • Visit the community forest Phak Kut and its Yangna forest for 100 years, the ancient rubber tree and a giant fig tree

    • Get full immersion and learn about Lao Vieng culture

    • Learn about 200 years of ancient woven fabrics

    Uthai Thani Province is known for its marvelous temples and natural resources. There, you have a forest called "Pa Tat Forest" which got the features of a primaeval forest. You even have a UNESCO World Heritage Site : Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Reserve.

    With this trip, you will experience Lao Wiang people culture that have been passed down from generations. Ban Pha Tang story started in Laos where they decided to migrate to Uthai thani Province looking for a better life.


    For those looking for full immersion and cultural exchange in their trip, this is perfect !


    This expedition supports Ban Pha Tang Community. Through economic development, they will be able to preserve natural resources and their unique culture.

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