• 2 Days | Cha-uat | Phatthalung



  • 🍀Experiences:

    • Learn how to be a soil specialist for a day

    • Do some rafting to observe the ecosystem along the canal and various kinds of endemic birds

    • Enjoy the view of the Skywalk, the tops of Nanmod Daeng trees

    • Enjoy a massage according to folk medicine recipes in Phatthalung Province

    • Pay homage to the eyes of ten thousand scales and hit the Phon to make blessings

    • Visit an organic farm and discover their hand-crafted agricultural products

    Phatthalung Province is famous for its Nora dance and shadow-puppet play known as Nang Talung. Here, the life is calm surrounded by vegetations and mountains.

    With this trip, you will discover Phattalung Province.


    With Ban Lan Khoi Community, you will become one with the nature. The activities such as gardening, mulberry plantation (and tasting mulberry wine !) and kayaking are this community specialties. Be ready to be surprised by the Phon's sound during your blessing. Actually, the Phon's sound is famous across Thailand !


    This expedition supports Lan Koi Community. Through economic development, they will be able to preserve natural resources and their unique culture.

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