• 2 Days | Kanchanaburi | South

    resilience village


  • 🍀Experiences:

    • Enjoy trekking on nature trails and practice traditional "shoot" in the forest

    • Do some soil pong experiment

    • Appreciate a refreshing rafting along the Khwae Yai River.

    • Witness the beauty of Srinakarin Dam and take a photo with the beautiful dam ridge

    • Get deeper into the culture and pay homage to Luang Por 7 Kings

    • Admire the beauty of the memorial garden and watch the sundial that tells the time in ancient times.

    Kanchanaburi Province is famous for its remaining of the history of Thailand during World War II. There is the Death Railway Bridge where foreign prisoners (Americans, British and Dutch) were forced to build this bridge at the cost of their life.

    This specific two days trip shows a different face of the region. Known for a devastating moment, there is this small community called "Ban Keng Kaep" living next to Erawan Waterfall. They will show you their Kanchanaburi made of smiles, connection to nature and slow life.


    This tour is a gem by itself as it participates to highlight a small community in a region where strong memories of the War exists.


    This expedition supports Keng Kaep Community. Through economic development, they will be able to preserve natural resources, their unique crafts and improve their lifestyle.

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