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  • 🍀Experiences:

    • Bring a loincloth, wrap rice around the waist, take an E-Taek car to eat at Wang Thalu

    • Hear the history of the Maia people, Kuai people and Chang through the poetry

    • Bathe the elephants at Thalu Palace where the Chi and Mun rivers meet

    Surin Province is known for its connection to elephants and the sincere bond people have with them. The cuisine is delicious with Salot Rao (Taro Curry), fishes and pork. About the dessert, let you be surprised !  

    Ban Ta Klang Community is the largest elephant village in the world. Coming here will allows you to understand the bonds between people and elephants that are as close as a family. In the community, they say "If people can live, Elephants can live.". They are coming from Guay ethnicity which is the ancient natives of Southern Isan. Through the age, they kept wild elephants in service for more than 200 years. Nowadays the persistence of raising elephants has become a huge challenge for children and grandchildren in the community.


    During this trip, you will observe small and large elephants walking around the community. Experience the charm of various traditions and cultures of the Kuay people that reflect the respect between them and elephants. One of the tradition is to perform a requiem ceremony when an elephant lost his life. Then, they will invite monks to pray and perform a ceremony while bringing their ashes to be placed in the elephant cemetery. All elephant herders have a shrine, for their elephant, in their home.

    Try this special tour where elephants and humans are one.


    This program will support Ta Klang Community. Through economic development, they will be able to preserve natural resources and elephants wellbeing.

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