• 2 Days | Tron | Uttaradit



  • 🍀Experiences:

    • Visit Wat Hak Song Khwae, the intersection of 2 rivers.

    • Visit the Hat Song Khwae Temple Museum

    • Visit a field of cosmos flowers, sunflowers and Khok Nong Na model

    • Try a tie-dye activity with natural color

    • Make a Coconut broom from scratch

    • Learn the history of Ta Chu Chok Temple

    • Feed fish, visit the old church and pay homage to the Buddha image at Luang Pho Phet

    Uttaradit Province is known for its delicious fish and the legends about the secret town. Products like candy, candlelight and Durian are famous there. Its fields are also part of its fame.

    With this trip, you will discover "Song Kwai" which is a cultural community of Lao Wiang people. Witness their connection with nature, as you walk near the village : cosmos flower fields, sunflower fields, and so on. You will be surprise by all the diverse plants on the road.


    This trip offers scenic views of Thai countryside. So, what are you waiting for ?


    This expedition supports Had Song Kwae Community. Through economic development, they will be able to preserve natural resources and their agricultural techniques.

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