• 2 Days | Phetchaburi | Central



  • 🍀Experiences:

    • Watch a demonstration of the community on cultivating and selling seaweed

    • Understand the community's way of conserving crabs

    • Watch the fish farming to make money at the community fish raft

    • Cruise along the coast and witness fishermen lifestyles and collect shellfish in front of the beach

    • Learn how to tie dye with mangrove bark

    • Make basketry from the cattail tree

    • Explore the natural wastewater disposal and estuary mangrove forest

    • Visit world-class birdwatching sites and have fun learning about their different species

    Phetchaburi Province is known for its charming beaches and mountains. With this topography, you can enjoy many activities such as hiking, wildlife watching but also swimming and, the most important, visit temples.

    Ban Don Nai Community is located near mangrove forests which is home to many kinds of birds. Maybe you'll have the chance during your trip to see blueda whales during your cruise. You'll be rewarded by delicious seafood and even have the chance to eat Oh Ho Pu restaurant.


    Seafood, nature and even (if you're lucky) whales are waiting for you !


    This expedition supports Don Nai Community. Through economic development, they will be able to preserve natural resources, their unique crafts and improve their lifestyle.

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