Community Project in 2020 | Pre-School Child Center of Kudee Khao Community


Community Project in 2020 | Pre-School Child Center of Kudee Khao Community

Our Community Project in 2020

SiamRise Travel is the responsible travel DMC based in Bangkok. We would like to rise more positive impact to the local community by the power of tourism. Previously, we have done some of the community project together with the other organization such as Thai Responsible Tourism Association (TRTA), Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA), Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and etc.

In 2020, we would like to build more benefit to local community thru our Free Bangkok Walks project. Free Bangkok Walks is a platform to connect people together. First, this platform will be provided free and easy walking tours which have led by tourism student who would like to practice thier English and guiding skill. In the other side, there will be some travelers who would like to know more about the local cultures in the city by joining a short walking tour as well. 

We got an idea why we shouldn't collect a small money from the travelers to be the local community fund and make the travelers fun as well. We have finalized the project to charge THB150 (every THB100 will go to the community project directly) for the free guided walking tour.  

Who're the project's beneficiaries?

- Tourism Students: They have a places to practice thier English skill for the good opportunities to apply any jobs in the future.

- Travelers: They have a good introduction of the city/place where they are visiting like Bangkok with the good deal.

- Local Community: They, Kudee Khao Community have an amount of community development fund thru the project. And yes, we haven't give them the money only. We have built the participation from the people in the community as well as they should to be a part of the project together. We empower locals to join as a volunteer guide in the Thonburi Old Path tour. That's means, at the end of the project. They might got the skill and knowledge to be a local guide, presenter, curator, representative or pitcher in the future as well.      



Backgrounds of The Pre-school Child Development Center (Kudee Khao Community)

>The Pre-school Child Development Center in Kudee Khao Community established on June 20, 1985 by a royally donated for 8,000 THB of 10 years ago marked the starting point of the pre-school child development center of Kudee Khao community, the 1st building was built as a one-story building.

>The Pre-school Child Development Center is located in Wat Kallaya Sub-district, Thonburi District, Bangkok. It was lunched out into learning and teaching operation on July 28, 1985. And getting the children aged 2.5 years to 5 years who were living in the various communities around at the first time, there are 40 students come to study by collecting a school fee at 6 THB/day only for days of attendence, also providing 3 meals and free learning aids and considering providing free tuition to anyone who have no money.


Backgrounds of The Pre-school Child Development Center (Kudee Khao Community)

>Nowadays, the enrollment system was changed from dialy to monthly collection at THB 700/month, the provision of meals remained intact. And there are the children just only 30 persons come to study at The Pre-school Child Development Center.

>Learning session has been opening every Monday to Friday, 08.00-15.00Hrs with the exception of the public holidays. There were 2 teachers, 1 cooker and the volunteer English teacher that have to take turns teaching, with an operate board of 19 members performing the functions of managing and supervising.

>They have been supported by the government sector, the Public Welfare Department which is giving its assistance under the projects proposed by foundation at THB 100,000/year, which is paid for the salaries of 4 mentors at THB 4,100/month and 1 cook at THB 2,500/month and also for the electricity bill, water bill, food and othres as another separate part.


Photo Credit from Pre-School Child Centre Facebook Page

The projects and activities of The Pre-school Child Development Center (Kudee Khao Community)

To be the foundation has many more operation projects have been added, both those already implemented and those yet to be implemented on an ongoing basis, e.g.

1.The Islamic Religious Doctrine Teaching and Training Center

Teaching and training young muslims both boys and girls with the aged 7 years up in morals everyday, 18.00-20.30Hrs, except Sunday.

2.The Educational Fund for the Children in the Community

Serving in giving scholarships to orphans in the communities without limitation in religion, only those whose father, mother or both parents have died. These sholarships would be given every year until the recipient finishes education as follow;

>>Primary grade 1-6 scholarships at THB2,000

>>Lower secondary grade 1-3 scholarships at THB2,500

>>Upper secondary grade 4-6 or vocational certificate scholarship at THB3,000

3.The Children's Day Fund

Organizing events for children in general living in the communities of Wat Kallaya Sub-District, Thonburi District, on a regular yearsly basis in which children adged 1-13 years, both girls and boys, participate in a number of up to 1,400/year.

4.The Project for a Youth Group

For sports, religion, Anti-drug Efforts, under which the Foundation leads youths aged 13 to 20 years and studying at the level of from secoundary garde 1 upwards to form themselves into group for training and study tours, in which resource persons from Public Welfare Concil also participate, these youths will have ideas about correct and good things in assisting themselves and the society as a whole, which this already done on two occations. From and evaluation, it works very satisfyingly as may be seen from the organization of the first adtivity in which 20 children, and in thrid one to be organized on July 25 and 26 of this year, almost 40 children have nominated themselves.

5.The foundation Health Center

Serving in distributing home ordinary medicienes to community members who are sick, suffer from a fever, a stomach trouble, which is carried out by trained health volunteers, who are supplied with medicines to distribute by the foundation.

6.The Public Diaster Relife Unit

Having fire extinguishing equipment and volunteers ready to assit community members meeting with a disaster instantly.

7.The Thong Thos Foundation Elderly Club

Serving in assiting elderly people aged from 55 years upwards in the communities of Wat Kallaya Sub-district, Thonburi District, Bangkok, partticipate in various activities for the elderly and giving health care, including assisting when they are sick, be recieving cooperation from the public Health Service Center 26, Bangkok Metropolitant Administration.

8.The Charity Activity Group for Muslim 

Serving in assisting when poor people died by giving assistance in handling every aspect of the "mayat" matter without any cost to the host.


Revenue & Expenses of The Pre-school Child Development Center (Kudee Khao Community)


30 students x THB 700/month

Total at THB 21,000/month (252,000THB/year)


>Allowance for 3 Aids = 20,730 THB

>3 meals = 10,000 THB

>Electricity bill = 6,000 THB

>Water bill = 900 THB

>Phone bill = 500 THB

Total at THB 38,130/month (457,560 THB/year)

>> Nowaday, they have taken a loss at THB 17,130/month (THB 205,560/year)


Regarding the information above, we try to raise funding from our friends, travelers and partner to support this community Pre-School Child Centre as there are no administrative agency or private agency support and donate to the community anymore. With this reason, we need to support them through this project, we hope it can be useful for them and you can be apart of us to walks, learn and support together!