SONGKHLA OLD TOWN | Cultures, Believes and the Story of People


SONGKHLA OLD TOWN | Cultures, Believes and the Story of People

Songkhla Old Town

Songkhla old town where still had the attractive cultures, believe and the story of people which show through the oldness of houses that even though the teenagers and liveliness have swallowed by the time. However, regardless of how many times to look at the oldness it’s still fascinating every time.

Songkhla Old Town used to be the port and it is one of the important business areas in Songkhla town with over 200 years. There are 3 important roads is the Nakhon Nok Road (Thanon Nakhon Nok), Nakhon Nai Road (Thanon Nakhon Nai), and Nang Gnam Road (Thanon Nang Gnam) which very outstanding of multicultural that show through the architecture as Chinese style, Sino European style, and Contemporary style. Moreover, the painting that has drawn on the wall is still reflected to see the local life of people as well.

Traveling in Songkhla old town is like to read a good book which has recorded by histories, arts, cultures and local life of people. Just waiting for someone who will read it.


Ran Nang Sue Lek Lek (Nang Sue Lek Lek Book Shop - ร้านหนังสือเล็กๆ)
“Ran Nang Sue Lek Lek or A little Bookshop” is the name of freedom bookshop were located in the small alley in Songkhla old town. The owner of this shop is Ms. Ae (Ariya Paitun) who is the writer, editor, and also translated the novella “The Little Prince”, the most famous work of French writer as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It has become one of the best-selling and most translated books ever published.


This shop has renovated from two-story home to be a freedom bookshop. The first floor is an area of bookstore and the second floor is the space to do an activity of students who are living in this town.


Ms. Ae is the writer and editor for more than 30 years before she designed to move to Songkhla old town in 3 years ago. She noticed that in Songkhla doesn’t have the bookshop yet, there are the bookstand only. However, it is an idea to open the bookshop with her friend in this town, she saw this house by unexpectedly and really like it.

She made a deal with the owner of this house, she tries to explain to them about freedom bookshop, it took time for 6 months to made a deal with the owner of this hose. And Finally, this house was her mine!

Now, a little book shop welcomes to everyone to visit and enjoy to “read and rest in the happy nest”.

Ran Nangsue Lek Lek (ร้านหนังสือเล็กๆ)

Address: 13 Yaring Road, Bo Yang Subdistrict, Muang District, Songkhla province 90000
Open: Wednesday – Sunday : 14.00-18.30PM
Facebook: ร้านหนังสือเล็กๆ - ถนนยะหริ่ง สงขลา (Ran Nangsue Lek Lek – Thanon Yaring, Songkhla)


238 Inspiration House 

238 Inspiration House is the house of Chinese Hokan was built in the king rama 3rd with the age over 100 years. This house is the only one southern textile museum of Thailand. There are over 1,000 textiles.  Most of the textiles came from Muslim community which inherited from the old generation to young generation.  

Mr.Panya, the owner of this house who are both of the collector and engineer that fascinate to collect the textiles and ancient artifacts as well. Therefore, this house is full of the textiles and antique stuffs that collected by Ms.Panya for the people who are interested in exiles and need to learn about it.

The inspiration to be the collector of Mr. Panya started from professor Paothong who is the archeologist, model, moderator, actor and professor as well. Professor Paothong is the person who inspired his to collect the southern textiles which never have no one collected it before.  

Moreover, this old house still keeps the old construction that very unique architecture as Hokan style and this house used to be the kitchen of Japanese army in the world war 2 as well. If you have a chance to visit Songkhla old town, don’t miss to visit this house!


238 Inspiration House

Address: 238 Nakhonnai Road, Bo Yang Subdistrict, Muang District, Songkhla province 90000
Open: Saturday and Sunday : 9.30-18.30PM
No entrance fee (Tel. +6694-5981299)

Natipong Brand

Manora is one of the famous performing arts in Southern of Thailand. It is the local performing which is very popular to perform in the local festival for celebration. Dancing, singing, and the colorful of costume is become to an identity of Manora, especially the costume that made from local wisdom by use a thousand beads to beading until become to the beautiful and valuable costume.   


Nattipong brand is the brand of Manora custom beading business which is not only Manora customs but Nattipong band still use the knowledge of design to create the decoration products such as vase, necessary as earrings and women bags also. Moreover, Nattipong brand still made an income to the local people in Ban Khao community as well.    


Don’t miss to visit here to learn about Manora beading and also enjoy with the activity “beading workshop” here.

Address: 29/1 Moo 3 Ban Khao Subdistrict, Ranod district, Songkhla province
Tel: 088-8289922
FB: Natipong

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Author by Bow, Saowakhon Khlaiwongphueng

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