How many pieces of plastic do you use each day?


How many pieces of plastic do you use each day?

Everyone is talking about plastic. 

We have all heard the statistics, noticed the plastic on the beach and seen the video of a straw being pulled out of a turtle’s nose. 


People are more aware than ever about the devastating environmental and health effects that plastic has. Even still, there is an overreliance on plastic in our daily lives, especially in SouthEast Asia. 

This is something that I am experiencing first hand in Bangkok. The simple and refreshing act of buying an iced tea gives 4 pieces of plastic: the cup, the lid, a straw and a plastic carry bag. 



According to the Bangkok Post on average a Thai person uses 8 plastic bags per day. 

Plastic is seen as convenient. A plastic bag is useful for half an hour and then not thought about again. So it may not be surprising how much plastic is used in Thailand but it’s scary. 


What happens to all of this plastic? 

It takes plastic centuries to break down. There also isn’t an efficient recycling system in Thailand. This means that most of this single use plastic is just thrown away as trash, tossed on the street and ends up in the waterways or oceans.

Did you know that according to a recent study by Ocean Conservatory, five countries are responsible for 60% of the plastic waste in the ocean? These countries are China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. 

When travelling tourists can unwittingly contribute to this problem. It is very easy to accept a plastic straw, get given a plastic carry bag or to buy a bottled drink. 

There are many simple things that the tourist can do to reduce the amount of plastic they are using. One of the most effective ways is to say no to single use plastic. There are alternatives such as reusable straws, Keep cups, tupperware containers and also a reusable drink bottle. 

It’s easy to bring these from home and just carry them in your backpack. Sometime it's hard to find where you can refill your bottle water. I suggest you to book the eco-friendly hotel in Thailand as mentioned by Green Leaf Foundation where they should have the refill spot for you.  Also you can the refill spot by Refill My Bottle application. It's very helpful.

At times saying no to single use plastic can be difficult. You may slip up but it is still important to think about how your consumption patterns impact where you are travelling too.

SiamRise Travel is also relize the environment impact about the plastic waste and join hands in promoteing sustainable travel and preserving our world.  We decide to prepare the reusesable cup being a travel gear for our guests and try to use less of plastic during out trip in Thailand.  

It’s about being responsible to the places you are visiting. 


Author by Georgia Van Der Stap

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