Get Ready to be The Responsible Travelers in Thailand


Get Ready to be The Responsible Travelers in Thailand

Get ready to be the responsible travelers in Thailand

At SiamRise Travel we are passionate about responsible tourism. This approach is about travelling mindfully. It acknowledges that tourism can have positive and negative impacts to local people, culture and the environment and asks travelers to find ways to reduce their own.  With this experience the locals benefit and the tourist gets a more immersive experience. It’s a win-win!

For this reason, we ask that you say no to single use plastic and bring your own reusable water bottle and cloth bag. This way you are reducing your individual plastic use and traveling responsibly. 

You can prepare yourself by doing the following:

1. Please bring a reusable water bottle on the tour (if possible)

2. Please bring a cloth bag or day pack bag on the tour (if possible) as all the shopping malls, mini marts or convenience stores have announced to stop providing the single used plastic bags anymore from 2020 onwards

3. Please wear comfortable shoes as we mostly use the mass transit such as bus, boat or even walks for pollution and carbon emissions reduction

4. Please dress modestly and respectful to the temples and local communities. Be avoided see-through, vests, sleeveless shirts, mini skirt/short

5. Rainy season (June - October): please bring raincoat/umbrella on the tour (if possible)

6. Get travel off the beaten path to be supported local communities


Author by Georgia Van Der Stap

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