6 Useful Travel App for Your Trip in Thailand


6 Useful Travel App for Your Trip in Thailand

TRAVELHACK: 6 Useful Travel App for Your Trip in Thailand

In modern society, technology began to play a role in the even more people around the world use the technology over the smartphone. It's easy to find information for your trip planning.

Travelers new era in tourism manually, so it's absolutely necessary to have a device or application in a decision finding trip transit time costs. We would like to present the applications to make you travel easier.

1.Green Card Application

Green Card application is the application that gathers many services such as hotels and shops that are saved environmentally in the theme of 24 hours eco life. You can also collect points to use as a special privilege from the participating hotel with the application. It also helps push service providers to turn thier operation more environmentally friendly. And is an application that also promotes reducing the use of plastic bags in which users can accumulate points from not accepting plastic as well. It is an application that should be promoted in today's world because there is a campaign to reduce global warming today.

Why should you download Green Card?

1. Find products and hotel services that are environmentally friendly

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2.Wifi Map

WiFi Map is an app that searches for fast and free internet access. You can find WiFi from all over the world with passwords access. It's suitable for travelers abroad. There is a VPN access for a secure internet connection and also save money on data roaming. Yes, you can stay connected with pocket friendly.

Why should you download WiFi Map?

1. Internet access everywhere 

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The Maps.me app is an offline navigation application. Those tourists do not need to use internet data during the trip for navigating. There is detailed map data. It can download maps of each country to be stored in the device offline and can be used without any cost at all. That can guide tourists to the destination including directions Nature trails with recommendations of places of interest. 

Why should you download Maps.me?

1. There is a map covering every country in the world. It's can be used offline

2. Data is updated constantly because it is open-sourced for people all over the world 

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4.Tuk Tuk hop

The Tuk Tuk Hop app is easy to use, allowing you to call a tuk-tuk from many places around the city. This convenient pick-up and drop-off service you to easily travel to the major tourist attractions in Bangkok's Old Town such as on Rattanakosin Island, Khao San Road, Dusit, and Phahurat. In addition of transfers services, this app also provides useful information about various tourist attractions, good restaurants guided, portable WiFi rentals as well.

Why should you download TukTuk Hop?

1. Travel safe without TukTuk scammers in Bangkok  

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5.Green Tourism

Tt is an application that the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has developed to present sustainable tourism in Thailand. Suitable for you who are interested in green tourism concept. In the catagory of green destinations and green hotels will be your helpful information for you to book the eco-friendly journey in Thailand. 

Why should you download Green Tourism app?

1. Travel and conserve the environment.

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Scoota is an e-scooter rental app that you can go wherever you want. You will find the fun of riding it, it's easy to ride and helps the world become more pollution-free as well. Why not to try this way of travel.  

Why should you download Scoota?

1.Zero-emission activity

The applications recommended are just some of the applications in the present times that help promote tourism in the form of technology. The developers aim to make everyone comfortable in their lives and travel planning. Some of the apps mentioned can be solved the environmental problems from tourism. Let's travel responsibly. 


Author by Tourism Student (HTM#17) from Kasetsart University Si Racha Campus.

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