Ubon's greatest festival | Candle Festival


Ubon's greatest festival | Candle Festival

The candle festival at Ubon Ratchathani province is one of the biggest Buddhism traditions before the Buddhist lent day and very well known in the North-east of Thailand. Normally held during July, every year since 1937.

The origin of the candle festival was from the rocket festival, but it was dangerous for the visitor who wants to see the festival so they change to be the candle festival instead.

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In 1977 the festival seems to be huge. They started the competition of carving the candle of each temple and community. It is more attractively decorated each year. Tung Sri Mueng is the place where they hold the event.

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There are 2 different types of carving candle competition.

#1 Carving the big candle into the story of Buddhism

The person who does the carve really need to have the skills and have to use certain tools for the carving such as a knife, a chisel, a hook and paint brush.

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#2 Decoration of the candle from the block

This type, need to use more people to help out. The first step they will make the design of the decoration on the block then take a piece of wax and print it on the block. They have to do it until they get enough pieces of designed wax for the decoration.

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Apart from the fascinating parade of the candle festival that you will see, there is also a beautiful story behind this festival. Before the date of the event, local people of each community will gather around and help out to make their parade to be the most beautiful.

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Furthermore, the candle festival is supported by TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand). So, the tourist and visitor are welcome to help out and be a part of this event too if you are traveling during that time.



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