Por Leaw Dee The creator the 4th year


Por Leaw Dee The creator the 4th year

What is Por Leaw dee The Creator Project?

Por Leaw Dee The creator is the project that started by Dr. Sirikul Laukaikul from the idea that she would like to start her own business. That was a time that she seriously learns about Sufficiency Economy.

Sufficiency Economy is a philosophy conceived and developed by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. It is the tools that lead to sustainability by knowing the moderation which is the limit of yourself. The principle of Sufficiency Economy can be used with anything, 3 circles, and 2 conditions.


#1 Know yourself which means you need to have the consciousness to realize who you are (SWOT Analysis)

#2 Have Intelligence to know the reasonableness (Strategic Management)

#3 Have immunity to know how to manage with the risk in the business (Risk Management)

These 3 principles have to collaborate together with 2 conditions, knowledge and virtue. All of these circles and conditions have to support each other to be the idea of Sufficiency Economy.

Also, the point of doing business is the entrepreneur has to achieve 3Ps: Profit, People, Planet which is the idea of sustainable development. Your business needs profit to grow the business but also you can help to raise the community where you live and be responsible to the planet from what you do or the resource that you take for your business.

The aim of this project is to create a new creator of the businesses by using Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to collaborate with the creative economy to make the development of the business and will be able to create their own content of growing the business with Sufficiency Economy.

Visit the website to know more about this project > https://porlaewdeethecreator.com/


Por Leaw Dee The creator is continuing to the 4th year of the workshop and have created the creator all around Thailand.

This year, 18 brands of creative businesses have chosen to join Por Leaw Dee Project and have divided into 8 groups, Tourism, Destination, Hotel, Healthcare, Communication, Fashion, Food, Art.

#1 Tourism

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#SiamRise Travel at Bangkok, a tour operator that supports the communities through “Tourism” to create a positive impact in the local environment, education, economy and society and offer the local touch of Thailand to travelers through responsible tourism based on the culture and local lifestyle of Thailand's communities.

#Be Hub at Bangkok, Tour operator who has an idea to do the volunteer trips to help people in the community and now they willing to gather people in the same career that willing to do volunteer help develop more community in Thailand by their career.

#2 Destination

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#Host Beehive at Chiang Mai, the core product is honey that lives naturally in the forest around the community of Karen ‘Pakayo’ so this business has an aim to communicate the story of locals in the community through honey products and foods to present the diversity in a place.

#Farmer Boy @ Ranong at Ranong one of the destinations that have a scenic view of the sunset. They want to present the career of the fisherman in the community and also preserve the environment of the destination and prevent using plastic.

#3 Hotel

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#Nautical Home Bed & Breakfast at Khao Lak, an accommodation that concern about the environment. Prevent using plastic so they provide a water bottle for each visitor and also have the activities for visitors by bringing them to the beach for free but ask them to keep the trash and separate. Sometimes work with the shop and restaurant near the beach. 

#Nasaraan Boutiqe Hotel at Chiang Mai, an accommodation which provides the job for people in the community and also creates the activity which helps people to know more about the story of the family such as walking tour.

#4 Healthcare

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#Mr.big at Bangkok, a pillow shop which us the idea of physiotherapist except healing but use the pillow that suits your body could help to prevent from the illness.

#Little Sunshine at Bangkok, the cafe that uses the knowledge of food and nutrition to help prevent the illness.

#5 Communication

#Youdee at Bangkok, to create the content about doing good things for people in the new generation and make it easy to understand and keep it cool.

#6 Fashion

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#Yano at Chiang Mai, a handicraft brand that has worked for 14 years for happiness and collaborates with 4 communities and 3 female prisons in Tak, Uttaradit, and Sukhothai province. which give them the opportunity to have career.

#Folkcharm at Loey, put an idea to create the products and make it easy for urban to access the product of the community by design the clothes and also use the fabric from making clothes to make other products such as bag.

#Bhukram at Sakol Nakorn, a brand of natural color dyed cotton which they want to communicate the story of community to others by the design that they made and they weave with hands.

#7 Food

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#Penguin Eat Shabu at Bangkok, the buffet shabu and sushi restaurant already have 7 branches. They want to share the knowledge of how to start a restaurant business.

#Aromatic Farm at Ratchaburi, an agricultural farm which plants coconut that suitable with the area and develops the product from coconut. They also work with other farmers in the community.

#Me Thai Coffee at Pathum Thani, a farmer which grown up, plant the coffee bean at Doi Chang. The unique point of their shop is they use other parts of the coffee bean to make foods or snacks by using their knowledge about nutrition in the coffee bean.

#Charinphan Melon Garden at Chiang Mai, an integrated organic melon farm and also open the farm for tourism.

#8 Art

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#Wishulada at Nonthaburi, an artist who makes the art from recycling the trash or anything that people don't use anymore.

#Joon Studio at Nakorn Pathom, an art studio that creates the art crafts and shares to people in the community.


Siamrise Travel is proud to be one of the creator in Por Leaw Dee The creator year 4th. We are thankful for this great opportunity.



Author by Paint Platu

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