Rare dish of Sukhothai


Rare dish of Sukhothai

Kao Perb is the menu that you can only find at Baan Na Ton Chan community at Sri Satchnalai district, Sukhothai. The menu of Kao Perb has the idea from the wisdom of locals to adapt to what they didn't have in the past. They won't be able to find any kind of noodle because it was too far away and expensive to import. So, they made their own noodle by using rice and steam until they get the flat noodle, put some other ingredients in and then they got their own recipe of noodle. The word 'Perb' from locals means folding.

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Kao Perb ingredients

#1 Ready kneading rice flour

#2 Vegetables such as morning glory, cabbage, bean sprout, and vermicelli

#3 Minced pork, roast red pork, steamed egg, and crackling pork


#1 preparing the steam pot and fabrics

#2 steam the kneading rice flour until you get the flat noodle

#3 Put vegetables on the flat noodles and then fold the noodle (the procedure where the word 'perb' came from)

#4 Put the folded noodle in the serving bowl and add all the meat that prepared. Then add the soup

#5 Put a steamed egg and the crackling pork on top.

#6 Ready to serve.

But nothing is better than try real food! let's visit Baan Na Ton Chan at Sukhothai Province.

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