Fascinated Nan's culture | Boat Craving


Fascinated Nan's culture | Boat Craving

Nan is one of the provinces in North of Thailand which have resources and abilities to support tourism in the city. Even if Nan is not as much well-known as another city in the north of Thailand like Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai but the rich of natural, cultural, historical, local's lifestyle, wisdom and food together are making Nan is one of the best destinations to travel in Thailand.

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The old tradition that so interesting of Nan is Boat Race for Royal Award. But the outstanding point of it is wood crave at the head of the boat. Mostly crave into the head of King of Naga. This craving is the wisdom of Nan, local people that very famous in the past. Nowadays, people in this generation are seeing the importance of how rich and beautiful it is. This is the reason why you still can see the boat craving if you visit Nan.

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The characteristic of the boat including the body, head, tail and the wood between the body and the head and tail.

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-The Body: usually made of one piece of wood

-The Head (Hua O): crave into the head of King of Naga which have a lot of detailed

-The Tail (Hang Wal): crave into the tail of King of Naga

-The wood between the body and head (Kanya): to make it in the perfect curve between head and body as same as between the body and tail

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If you want to see the craving head of the boat you can visit the small museum at Ampher Sa opposite to Boon Yeun Temple. If you want to see how local craving the boat, please visit Suan Hom Temple. At the temple you will see local people either adults or kids sitting there and craving, teach by the monk. This is a cultural area of Nan to keep this wisdom and culture last long for people in the new generation to learn.

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As I have mentioned before, Nan has abilities to support any kind of tourism. The government supports Nan as a creative tourism destination of Thailand. You can visit this website >> Creative Tourism District for more travel programs and activities in Nan.



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