5 Tea Plantations in Chiang Rai


5 Tea Plantations in Chiang Rai

Who loves tea? I love tea! Today I'm going to bring you guys up to northern Thailand, Chiang Rai. Chiang Rai is one of the popular tourist destinations in the north of Thailand. With the landscape of hill and valley. A climate that cooler than other parts of Thailand suitable to grow tea plants.

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Now I would like to spot 5 tea plantation in Chiang Rai, Thailand for whoever is a tea lover to enjoy the fresh tea and some other activities in the farm, plus you can help to support local people or hill tribe who lives and works there.

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#1 Boon Rawd Farm (Singha Park)
The highlight of this farm is the balloon and the big Singha which is the symbol of the park. This farm is one of the examples for a social enterprise that built up the career for local people. The farm supports agricultural products and U-long tea, green tea is one of them. Furthermore, you can enjoy riding the bicycle around the farm and they also have a farm tour for tourists. Free entrance, all you have to do is you have to register to get in the farm. But if you are interested in the farm tour you need to pay for the bus.

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Location: Singha Park


#2 101 Tea Plantation
101 Tea Plantation located at Doi Maesalong, the biggest tea farm here. Apart from the fascinating view of terracing of the tea plant, the farm is also a tea center that shown tourists about the productivity of tea including the transformation to be dry tea leaves. U-long tea is very famous here, was imported from Taiwan since 1995. You can take time to relax at 101 Tea Plantation, taste the tea and find some nice spot to take a picture.

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Location: 101 Tea Plantation


#3 Chouifong Tea Plantation
Here is one of the most popular tea plantation among Thai people. I saw a lot of my friends go to Chiang Rai and check in at this place. Chouifong Tea Plantation is a producer who exports tea product to the big industry around Thailand and another foreign country such as Taiwan and Japan. You can enjoy having a nice dessert at Choui Fong Tea-Cafe, an open-air cafe. Nice and relax on your holiday.

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Location: Chouifong Tea Plantation


#4 Hongfu Resort
Another tea plantation at Doi Maesalong with Loft style boutique accommodation. More than tea plantation and boutique resort, around Hongfu Resort also have another cultural and historical tourist attractions.

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Location: Hongfu Resort


#5 Wawee Tea Plantation at Doi Wawee
Was the name the given after its location which has so many different breeds of U-long tea. Moreover, Doi Wawee is the area that has 13 nationalities living in the area such as Yunnan Chinese, Karen, Aka etc. You will see and learn the multicultural that living together. Wawee Plantation is such a small and friendly farm, another good choice for visit.

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Location: Wawee Tea Plantation



Author by Paint Platu

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