One day trip at Bang Kajao


One day trip at Bang Kajao

Last Sunday on the 24th February, I had a chance to join the trip at Bang Kajao which hosted by the children from Wat Bang Nam Phueng Nai School. Let's talk about Bang Kajao for a little bit, Bang kajao is sub-district of Phra Padaeng district, Samut Prakarn. It addressed as the green area since 14th September 1977 which is the agricultural area. Bang kajao is a perfect place to hang out on the weekend because it's not too far from Bangkok and quite easy to get there.


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So, we started the journey at klongtoei subway station then take the taxi to Wat Klongtoei Nok pier. Across the river by local boat and get to see the beautiful contrast view of the riverside, from the city to the forest in the city.


(Motor local boat)


(No more tall buildings around here)


Traveling around Bang kajao by bicycle is a fun activity to do. But we here to attend a trip that arranged by students so instead of rent the bicycle at the pier we have to head to Wat Bang Nam Phueng Nai School.


(Bicycle rental)


(Morning chat)


(Long way to Wat Bang Nam Pheung Nai School)


At the meeting room, we met a group of the teacher who is the best encouragement for their students. This group of teacher, led by Kru P, supports the students of Wat Bang Nam Pheung Nai School to start the project. We also met a lot of our youth guides from the school, they were all nice and friendly.


(Wat Bang Nam Pheung Nai School)


(Registration, we are the first three!)


(Introduce the youth guide and team)


The first activity is the ice breaking activity, we get to introduce ourselves and a game of sending a paper ball along the music and after the music stop, who has the ball in their hands have to do as it told. I was the one in my group who get lucky that they and both of my companion have this little punishment. By the way, P'Bow have a good voice!

(The unlucky paper ball)


(Job got 1 punishment.)


(P'Bow got 2 punishments!)


After that little ice breaking, we had another fun activity created by the youth guide. We got a budget to buy food at Bang Nam Pheung floating market in the condition of using the eco container such as paper, banana leaf. I had lots of fun for this activity because I get to try many good foods at the market which recommended by our guide.

(The journey has begun!)


(So good)


(Good for our belly :))


Then we had to make an invention from those eco-containers in the idea of eco-friendly. And this is our creative work in the concept of everyone could be eco-friendly in everyday life. And guess what! We were the winner so we get to choose the bicycle for the next activity in the afternoon.


(Winner's concept)


Lunch break, we filled out belly at Bang Nam Pheung floating market while listening to music from the violin. We came back and chose the bicycle, so now we ready to rock on the bicycle and so wonder, where would we go next?


(Let's go, gang!)


One of the obstacles of this trip is to rid the bicycle at noon, it was so sunny and everyone was very sweaty but anyway, our next stop is at Uncle Mhong's house where we get to cool down, enjoy eating sweet sugar palm. After that, we had little game called find the plants in the area of Uncle Mhong's house. We get to try the wired fruit called 'Chummaliang' or Lunar Nut. We were chilling for a little while there till the time passed by to 3.00 o'clock, we had to head back to the school already.


(Uncle Mhong explaining how to make the soap from sugar palm)


(Cooling sweet sugar palm)


(Slow life :) )


(Lunar Nut, Do you want some?)


(Which way are we going back?)


Time flies when you have a good time, I realized that this trip was going to end soon after a group who is the head of the youth guide gave us a speech about their impression of doing this project. They have a really nice way of thinking at this age about following their dreams, doing good things for others. These kids that I have met that day are so talented. Everyone enjoy the trip on that day, our youth guide at Bang Kajao did a really good job!


(The head of the youth guides who have a chance to visited Singapore.)


(Thank you for this wonderful memory!)

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