6 Places to pray for love | Check it out this Valentine's Day


6 Places to pray for love | Check it out this Valentine's Day

Get into the third week of February already. Talking about this month, I think most of the couple might wait for February 14th. It's almost Valentine day! I believe that couples probably have some plan to go out somewhere together such as having Valentine dinner which has so many nice places to go at Bangkok. But this is so common! 

So, if you are in between traveling in Bangkok, Thailand. Let's do something in Thai traditional, check out these temples to pray for love. Not just for single, the couple could pray to have a long relationship too.


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#1 Trimurti Shrine

Trimurti Shrine is the most popular shrine that people usually go there and pray for love. People have a strong faith and believe in Trimurti power, In Hinduism, Trimurti represents the trinity of the Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. There are always crowded here every day. With the great spot of this shrine make it even easier to visit, outside Central World. Trimurti Shrine opens every day but the luckiest day to visit is Thursday from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm. People usually offering 9 red joss sticks, and a couple of red candles with red roses or garland which have to put them together. Like a trick to find your soulmate. For those who in the relationship you could pray for a last long relationship. If you accomplished what you want, you have to offer some food such as coconut, milk, cane juice or other desserts.

Location: Trimurti Shrine


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One of the popular and unique styles of architecture in Dravidian architecture, located in the center of the business district like Silom. This temple as known as Wat Khaek or Uma Devi temple following the principle Buddha image of the temple. The Hindu Goddess Mariamman or Mother Mari is God Siva’s queen. So people will come here to pray for the strong relationship just like the constantly love between Goddess Mariamman and God Siva. Inside the temple also provides a set of things that need for worship the goddess for 60 baht which have the Galang, lotus, banana, coconut, milk.

Location:  Wat Khaek or Uma Devi temple


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#3 Lakshmi Shrine

The statue of Goddess Lakshmi at Gaysorn Plaza, Thais respect her as the guardian angel of Ratchaprasong. Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of beauty, wealth, richness and love. She is the Vishnu's Consort and has one love with only Vishnu God. So people came here and pray for true love. You can pray with 9 joss sticks and pink lotus and if you get what you wish you can offer cane juice, coconut or any sweets.

Location: Lakshmi Shrine


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#4 Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetuphon

As known as the Temple of Reclining Buddha, most people come here to pray for fortune and wealth but the Reclining Buddha is a Buddha image that can grant for love especially with the people who have the age up to 30 years old. The Reclining Buddha is related to number 3. The luckiest day to visit is on Tuesday and the best the best thing to offer are 3 pieces of Thai rice noodle, 8 joss sticks, 8 candles, 8 lotus flowers, and coin for 8 baht.

Location: Wat Phra Chetuphon


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#5 Mae Nak Shrine

Behind the legend of love between Nak and Mak at Pra Kanong long time ago even have the horror based on this legend love story. Check out ‘here’ to know more about the legend. The part of the legend is about Mae Nak who really honesty to her husband even their love story are disappointed in the end. The trick to pray for love at Mae Nak Shrine is you should wish to meet the lover who is honest and love each other until the last day. You can offer 2 joss sticks with flowers or garland.

Location: Mae Nak Shrine


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#6 Radha and Krishna Statue

At Dev Mandir or Thep Montien Temple, Hindu Temple is located near Sao Chingcha (Giant Swing) Bangkok. The supreme God of truth, omnipresent and the Supreme Lord is Shri Krishna and his power (to please everybody) is Radhaji. Although they appear to be two different, in fact, they are one and the same. Bhagvaan Krishna had himself told Radha: “You are the same as Me – definitely, there is no difference between us. As there is whiteness in milk, as there is the power of burning in fire and as there is an odor in the earth, similarly I am in you – this means that the two of us are inseparable.” You can offer fruits to pray for finding true love. Should not offer other foods and meats.

Location: Thep Montien Temple



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