Fair Trade Souvenir Shop in Asia


Fair Trade Souvenir Shop in Asia

The practices of Fair Trade Organization, which related to Tourism

Even the topic of Fair Trade Tourism in Asia is not as common as Europe and Africa but Asia does have some of the fair trade business that could be involved in tourism which is handicraft product from locals. Handicraft is the best souvenir for travelers, especially crafts that related to local community in the destination where travelers go. Handicrafts could fulfill the travel experience for them by the product and story of its.


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Local villages who made handicrafts as a major income for the villages are supported by Fair Trade shop. Here are examples of Fair Trade shop for craft products in Asia.


#1 The Family Tree: Fair Trade, Handmade Arts and Crafts @ Hua Hin, Thailand

This is a family business that supports handicrafts directly from Thai Villages, located in Hua Hin, Thailand. We could make sure that the products from this shop are authentic. Meanwhile helping to promote green and good tourism in Hua Hin too.

To know more about this shop >> The Family Tree

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#2 ThaiCraft: Our handmade products, both classic forms, and exciting new designs speak of the past and the value of craft for future generations. @ Bangkok, Thailand

ThaiCraft brings you exquisite handcrafted products from the village communities of Thailand. They ensure Fair Trade practices and principles and add variety, quality control, and professional service.  The objectives are to generate a fair income for village producers, to help keep alive the diverse craft traditions of Thailand, and to promote Fair Trade.

To know more about this shop >> ThaiCraft

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#3 Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre: Preserving cultural diversity @ Luang Prabang, Laos

Both of the museum and Fair Trade shop in Laos, which represents the insight history of Laos and supports local crafts producer. They also provided tours for visitors in the museum. TAEC is a member of Fair Trade Laos. They work closely with handicraft producer and conduct primary research to developing ethnic communities in Laos.

To know more about this shop >> Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre (TAEC)

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They all work to support the locals by improving and developing the communities. Also, they work for the justice of the local producers who use their own resource for making products and help them to live more sustainable.


To make your journey more meaningful, support authentics local's products



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