Tourism Development | Eco-Friendly Movement with DASTA4


Tourism Development | Eco-Friendly Movement with DASTA4

SiamRise Travel has been invited by DASTA (DESIGNATED AREAS FOR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM ADMINISTRATION), Sukhothai Office or DASTA4 to share the experiences of SiamRise Travel. As we are the tour operator who provides the eco-friendly local experiences in Bangkok and boundaries under the concept of responsible travel alongside with the other speakers as follow;

  • Dr.Pannipha Dokmaingam, school of Health Science, Mae Fah Luang University
  • Neeracha Wongmasa, the owner of Phunacome Resort, the winner of Asean Green Hotel Award in 2012-2014
  • Korakoch, freelance eco-tour guide
  • Thanawut Supangkaratana, co-founder of SiamRise Travel

The attendees are from the Local government organization, communities, and hotels in the areas of World Heritage Tourism Cluster including Sukhothai, Tak, Kamphaeng Phet, and Phitsanulok.

There are very productive events for the first step to convince the stakeholders to become one of the responsible tourism mechanism to drive more awareness of sustainability, especially in the environmental impact of the tourism industry.

Afterward, DASTA4 will have the following project to be a coach of the stakeholders how to be more eco-friendly organization/team. They will provide the application for submission. For example;

-  the Local government organization will be trained in the waste management or how to upcycle and recycle their plastic waste in the communities.

- Hotels will be learned how to improve the operation as a green hotel standard.

- Communities will be developed the activities to be more attractive to the travelers with the environmentally-friendly concept.

We hope all the stakeholders in the World Heritage Tourism Cluster will bring more awareness and well-adapted operation to cooling down our global warming for the next generation. 


Author by Thanawut GoOd Supangkaratana

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