The Principle of Fair Trade in Tourism


The Principle of Fair Trade in Tourism

FairTrade and Tourism, a practice of Responsible Tourism.

What is FairTrade?

You might have seen the logo of Fairtrade from agricultural products such as rice, coffee, tea, grain etc. or crafts from the local producer. And yes, that is the started of fairtrade. Fairtrade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives. To protect the local producers from the company who will but their products in the price that lower than a regular market price. 

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There are lots of Fair Trade Organization all over the continent around the world. Also in Thailand, Greennet Cooperative with Oxfam and the Thai Social Enterprise Office (TSEO) coordinate to set up the standard of Fairtrade which based on the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)'s international standard.


Apart from agricultural products or crafts, Fairtrade could be work with the tourism sector too! But how?

From the idea of protecting the local producer with their agricultural products or crafts came to be protecting the local community who is the owner of tourism resources including their cultural, way of living, natural in the community from the tour operator who takes advantage from them. According to the tourism trend nowadays, most of the tourists are interested in experiencing new things that they couldn't have in their everyday life so the idea of traveling to the local community is perfect for their needs.


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Fairtrade in tourism is one kind of responsible tourism for tourism business that place importance on the collaborates between the tour operator and the local community to create a tourism product that can be the benefit for both sides and can build a memorable experience for tourists.

Here are the principles of Fair Trade Tourism from Fair Trade Tourism Organization in Africa

#1 Fair share

All participants involved in a tourism activity should get their fair share of the income, in direct proportion to their contribution to the activity.

#2 Fair say

All participants involved in a tourism activity should have the right and opportunity to participate in decisions that concern them.

#3 Respect

Both host and visitor should have respect for human rights, culture, and environment.

#4 Reliability

The services delivered to tourists should be reliable and consistent. Basic safety and security for both host and visitor should be ensured.

#5 Transparency

Tourism businesses should establish mechanisms of accountability

#6 Sustainability

The tourism businesses should strive to be sustainable.



Find out more about the Fair Trade in Tourism here >> Fair Trade Tourism (FFT), Tourism Concern


Even in Thailand doesn't have the organization that supports the idea of Fair Trade Tourism but Thailand does have a lot of organization in the tourism sector that are well-informed about responsible tourism which has some similar practice to Fair Trade Tourism.


Travel with responsible to be more sustainable!



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