Get to know about Social Enterprise


Get to know about Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise, works to create a positive impact back to the social community.

Have you ever heard about the word 'Social Enterprise'? If you have, what do you think it is? How could an enterprise affect the social? Let's find out!

Nowadays social enterprise seems to be a trend for the new entrepreneur to be more attentive to the social and environmental problem according to the consumer trend that expresses concern in the social and environmental problem as well. 

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What is 'Social Enterprise'?

Social Enterprise is the business which has the aim to solve the problem about social and the environment in long term by using business model combining with knowledge and creative innovation to create and grow the business while sustaining social and environment at the same time.


The characteristic of social enterprise

-Have a purpose to develop social and environment

-Have the business model to sustainable business income


-The return of profit to social and the aim of the company

-The business should be transparency


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Charities VS Social Enterprise.

            Even, there is no different about the purpose of charities and social enterprise, to work for benefit of society and environment. But charities will have an income by the donation which is not stable while enterprise has an income by providing service or good to the consumer.


Social Enterprise VS Regular Business

            The difference is about the purpose to establish the company.  Others business would like to get profit for the advantage of the company and shareholder but the social enterprise has the core purpose that affects social and environment, place importance on stakeholder in the society. Everyone could get benefit from the business.


SE is not CSR

            Most of the business will donate a few amounts of their profit for social for help or develop communities and environment which is called Corporate Social Responsibility or as known as CSR but this couldn't say that this activity is sustained for communities and environment. While Social Enterprise or SE works to affect them for a positive impact directly.



You can help this reduce the negative impact of social and environmental by using products or services of the social enterprise. Support the enterprise to support others for the long term.

There is more social enterprise established in Thailand and SiamRise Travel is the company that developing to be one of a social enterprise who can generate good impact on society.

We are a tour operator who works with local communities and supports them by creating a positive impact on the communities through tourism and help communities to become more sustainable so that local communities will be offered to tourists.

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