Responsible Travel with World Animal Protection


Responsible Travel with World Animal Protection

SiamRise Travel, as a responsible travel business with strong commitments on sustainability, we care not only for the welfare of people but also for the welfare of animals. Every year, across the world, hundreds of thousands of wild animals are held in captivity and subjected to abuse, both mentally and physically, to provide tourist entertainment. Whether taken from the wild or bred for commercial purposes, their welfare is severely compromised. 

Sadly, many tourists who love animals are not aware of the hidden cruelties and unknowingly contribute to animal suffering, as they participate in the wild animal environments such as elephant rides and shows, handling and taking photos with lion and tigers, or swimming with dolphins.

Therefore, as a first step, we have pledged to protect elephants by not selling, offering or promoting venues or activities where elephant rides and show made available. 

Now we continue the journey by taking steps to end the exploitation and suffering of all wild animals in our business and instead provide responsible, animal-friendly alternatives to our customers.

Responsible Tourism - Protecting Wildlife Pledge Signing Day (21/11/2018)

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