6 Thai foods only local knows


6 Thai foods only local knows

6 Thai foods only local knows

Have you ever tried Thai foods but its names are in countries abroad? You may wonder to find them in those countries but unfortunately, they only appear in Thailand. Here are some cool foods which can be found in Thailand.


#Khaw Pad American (ข้าวผัดอเมริกัน or American Fried Rice)

There is no American fried rice in America. Thai people made it up with fried rice and American breakfast.


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Let me show you the ingredients to become American fried rice

- Jasmine rice

- Sausages

- Fried egg

- Raisins

- Bacon

- Chopped tomatoes 

Those are some ingredients for cooking American fried rice. You will see that Jasmine rice belongs to Thailand and the rest ingredients belong to America. The chef fries Jasmine rice and sausages, raisins, etc... together. This is why American fried rice has only in Thailand. 


#Khanom Chin (ขนมจีน or Thai Rice Vermicelli)

In the Thai language “Khanom” means snack and “Chin” means China. So, when it’s mixed together means Chinese snack of Chinese food. You can find “Khanom Chin” only in Thailand. It won’t be found in China.


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In Thailand, there are many types of Khanom Chins which are in different part of Thailand. Some of Khanom Chin has unique ingredients which you can find in that area only. Here is some famous and delicious Khanom Chin in Thailand. if you have time, you should try once!

- Khanom Chin Nam Ya (Thai Rice Vermicelli Serve with Herbal Fish Curry) 

- Khanom Chin Kaeng Keaw Whan Kai (Thai Rice Vermicelli Serve with Chicken Green Curry) 

- Khanom Chin Nam Ngiao (Thai Rice Vermicelli Serve with Minced Pork Tomato Soup) 


#Khanom Tokyo (ขนมโตเกียว or Snack Rolls)

Khanom Tokyo of Tokyo roll is a Thai dessert. It’s adaptation from Japan dessert. Of course, you can’t find this type of dessert in Tokyo. It is in Thailand only. Someone says that this kind of dessert comes from Yatsuhashi. Someone says it comes from Dorayaki. However, this dessert has many kinds of custards such as cream, sausages, etc…


(Photo from http://www.smeleader.com/)

#Mochi Nakhon Sawan (ขนมโมจิ or Thai-Style Mochi)

Thai-style Mochi was adapted from Japan. For Japanese calls this kind of dessert as Wagashi. Japanese’s mochi doesn’t have custard inside. It’s only grilled rice cake but Thai version has. Thailand has a story of mochi. Back to World War II, a Japanese soldier named Sato came to Thailand and fell in love with Thai woman named Panna. then, he taught Panna to cook mochi. After he tried that, he said it was the most delicious he had ever tried. He also told Panna to cook mochi when she missed him and considered a representative of him.

In Thailand, Mochi Nakhon Sawan has a lot of flavors. Such as green bean, red bean, black sesame and etc. Even locals, when we travel pass Nakhon Sawan (Away from Bangkok to the north for 3 hours). We always stop and buy Mochi back for our friends and family.  


(Photo from www.nakhonsawanpost.blogspot.com)


#Kluai Khaek (กล้วยแขก or Banana Fritters) 

Kluai Khaek is banana fried or English named is Indian banana. If you go to India, there is no banana fried like this. Thai people learn fried method cooking from Indian and adapt ingredient which can be found in Thailand such as banana. The best place to find Kluai Khaek in Bangkok is around Nang Loeng Market and Community. They are selling along the street especially at the traffic light intersection. 

(Photo from http://www.komchadluek.net/news/regional/264118)


(Photo from http://www.tsood.com/)


#Lod Chong Singapore (ลอดช่องสิงคโปร์ or Cendol)

Thai people called this dessert as Lod Chong Singapore. Lod Chong means cendol and Singapore is a name of the country. This is a dessert which is first sold in Yaowarat road or well-known as China Town. It is sold in front of cinema named Singapore. This is why it is called Lod Chong Singapore which has only one in Thailand. Now you can find the best and original Lod Chong Singapore in Bangkok at China Town.


(Photo from www.food.mthai.com/)

And here are Thai foods but its named in countries abroad. I wish you could find all and try once. Hope you enjoy eating in Thailand.


Author by Junior Land Field

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