Finding Hidden Graffiti Arts in Bangkok


Finding Hidden Graffiti Arts in Bangkok

Graffiti Arts Discovery in Bangkok

What is your plan for holidays? Shopping at the mall? Stay at the hotel and sleep? Or go out and explore new things. Let’s wandering around in Bangkok with friends and your cameras or camera phone in your hand then take some cool photos with the coolest graffiti art around Bangkok. and here are some details of locations...


Siam Zone (BTS National stadium and BTS Ratchathewi)

Siam is a center of famous shopping malls such as MBK shopping mall, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Square and Central World. Within the are of Siam, there are lots of restaurants, various type of foods, cafes and also some shopping stores. 


Let's start with the first stop at BTS national stadium. The graffiti arts are on the wall of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) 


Next, the graffiti near the canal which is hidden by the big buildings. This is located near Huachang pier along the canal.


After wandering around, there will be a way under the bridge for people to walk across the road which is safer than the main street. At that side you will see a park named Chalerm La. This park shows graffiti on the buildings and walls. Let's see!


There are graffiti arts near the area of BTS National stadium and BTS Ratchathewi


Charoen Krung Zone (Charoen Krung 28,30,32 rd.)

Why's Charoen Krung

Charoen Krung road is the oldest road in Thailand. It is also the first road of Bangkok too. Nowadays, Charoen Krung has renovated itself to be modern. It is not only well-known as street arts only but also street foods and ancient buildings too

Transportation: from MBK mall use bus no.36 and drop at Si Phraya bus stop. Bus stop is on the same side with Charoen Krung 28,30,32

Now let's start walking from Charoen Krung 32. 


Charoen Krung 30

Charoen Krung 28

Opposite side of this building is...

Opposite side of Charoen Krung 28, there is a small alley which has graffiti arts too but you have to be careful while crossing the road because the drivers drive very fast

Let's see what is kept in the small alley.

And all of these are some graffiti arts in Bangkok. I hope you enjoy our article :)


Author by Junior Land Field

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