The Muslim lifestyle meets the sea.


The Muslim lifestyle meets the sea.

Koh Klang Community, Krabi

Koh Klang – an island of faith, where the Muslim lifestyle meets the sea.

Krabi is world-famous for its beautiful sea and beaches. Another outstanding activity is to skirt around islets to learn the local ways of life of Ko Klang, where inhabitants live their lives by fishery and are attached to nature and the sea. Tourists will also get to know the culture of Koh Klang. 

Photo by Krabi Magazine

Koh Klang is not a paradise of white sandy beaches. It is a traditional fishing community where visitor can see the living relationship between islanders and sea, observing daily life as tides rise and fall. Community members use ingenious local methods to capture fish, crabs and shellfish. The island is surrounded by pristine mangroves with great bird watching opportunities. In addition to experiencing nature and culture, visitors can also visit several community arts and crafts groups.

The local people’s amicable lifestyle, distinctive environment and natural resources, and the strength of the community made Koh Klang Community a proud winner of the Thailand Tourism Awards 2007 from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).


Life in Koh Klang seems to be frozen in a different time period, far away from hustle and bustle of urban life just across the river. The island warmly welcome guests who come to learn and share in the local culture and way of life. In respect of the precious local culture, they ask for cooperation to follow their local rules through simple steps.

  • Please do not bring alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substance onto Koh Klang.
  • Please do not show intimacy in public.
  • Please do not bring pork onto Koh Klang.
  • Please do not bring dogs onto Koh Klang.
  • Please dress modestly while exploring Koh Klang.


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