The Bencharong Treasure of Handicraft Village


The Bencharong Treasure of Handicraft Village

Trace the origin of Bencharong Ceramics, its history and characteristics of ancient Bencharong.

Don Kai Di Vallage– the Bencharong Treasure of handicraft village

From a ceramics factory floor to a national artistic heritage by the workers’ determination, practice, and perseverance.


In 1982, the Sathiaraphap Ceramics Factory in Samut Sakhon province, a major artery maintaining an entire community, closed down leaving residents in numerous households without jobs, disheartened and desperate. But this closure could not take away from this community its delicate craft skills and determination to make Bencharong or five-coloured ceramics. After the factory closure, craftspeople in this area decided to organise themselves as a group to conserve their skills and wisdom for future generations. Despite initial production difficulties, they were not discouraged and the community began to get stronger as progress was made.




Make sure that you learn Bencharong ceramic-making when you visit the Don Kai Di Ceramics Village


Steps involved:
1. Shape the clay and dry the object.
2. Glaze the object before firing.
3. Apply the pattern with gilded lines to the white glazed object.
4. Colour the glazed surface as designed.
5. Gild the object’s surface.
6. Fire the object in a kiln at 800 degrees Celsius.



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