Bang Mae Mai


Bang Mae Mai "100 Living Years Village"

Bang Mae Mai "100 Living Years Village"

Today, we will take everyone back in time to experience the old city remains a way of life and unique. Here you can find 100 years-old traditional houses, verdant rice fields, The calm of river are coming with load of story and lovely Smiles of the community as " 100 living years village" or Bang Mae Mai community, Bang Pla Ma district, Suphanburi province.

The first one, we will come to worship “Luang Pho Dam” at “Wat Bang Mea Mai” Which is measured in the late Ayutthaya period. Originally called the " Wat Bot " Bot is mean ordination hall Because in this area there is only a single ordination hall. Later renamed as Bang Mae Mai District.



After we worshiped Luang Pho Dam. We went to visit the pavilion Thai Teak in the temple which is older than 100 years. It's great! It all makes you feel how antique it is. Just walk through to inside, you will find wooden teak lined up nicely. Around the wooden wall were decorate with colored glass that allow sunlight shade to inside.

The temple is located along Tha Chin River so if you just walk along down the river, you can found the atmosphere of the old market. The old market used to be a place of trade here. Although there is a few remaining stores with some residential of local people living.



The next, we are going to pray for to Luang Pho Chanta Rangsee at Wat Arn. Wat Arn (Arn Temple) have no monks stay in the temple but it has been well maintained by the local people that take care and facilitated to those who come to this temple. This temple has a famous Buddha name is Luang Pho Chanta Rangsee or Luang Pho Arn, The local people said “If anyone comes to this temple already, they have to come back again! Because Luang Pho Chanta Rangsee is very holy! If you want to get the success, you can ask from Luang Pho Arn to help you. Then after you got success, you have to come this here again and offer something to Luang Pho Chanta Rangsee.


Are you Hungry? Do you know? What is the must tried dish in this here? 

This is Pla Nam (ปลาแนม) or pounded fish salad, a traditional dish of Thailand which is difficult to find and eat in the present.  

Are you full? Shall we go!

The villagers mostly are farmers. So we had an opportunity to take the local tractor to visit the village.



First, we stop at the four connected Thai traditional houses. All four houses are connected by the hallway. People who live in each house are relatives some are married and don’t move out.  That is the reason why they built connected houses together. Here you can see some story in past of the way of life.    

Then we had the opportunity to go to one house that there are uncle and aunt sat in the house. Uncle said “this is 100 years bloom” This is the local wisdom of this village. It made from coconut fiber for strength and make it useful up to 100 years.  

Are you tired? And next spot.  We will follow the tracks of the film!

Here is the "field 100 Palm trees.". A place where is the movies have filmed here, such as Phlae Kao, Mae Nak.

I wanna tell you when the best season to travel to this village is.

During “winter”, you'll see a green field.

During “summer”, you’ll see a yellow field.

But if you be here during “raining” season, you will see a full bank that you can take a boat to visit with 100 palm trees as well!

It's very interesting! What are you waiting?

pack a bag, and then let's go!!!!!!!!!!


Author by Mina Na Ayuttaya

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