BAAN BAT (Monk's Bowl Village)


BAAN BAT (Monk's Bowl Village)

BAAN BAT COMMUNITY (Monk's bowl village)



Baan Bat is an old community that was founded over 200 years ago. There are different historic records of the community there.


One record states that the people of Baan Bat originally migrated from Ayutthaya after the city's fall in 1767. Afterwards, the community was founded as King Rama I established Bangkok as the capital city of Thailand (1783) when people settled along the newly dug canal that surrounded the city.


Another historic record states that the community was established by people who migrated from Ayutthaya during the reign of King Rama III. Because of the numerous temples constructed throughout the city over the past 100 years, Baan Bat had become a community whose people mainly produced monk's alms bowls. 


CR: Bangkok Focus Magazine Vol.4/2014