• 2 Days | Chanthaburi | Eastcoast



  • 🍀Experiences:

    • Visit the Crab Bank, a nursery for blue crab cubs to conserve natural resources

    • Learn to build a fish house in conservation areas

    • Visit a beekeeping barn that uses local wisdom to propagate plants

    • Taste the honey from the community

    • Understand their way of life connected to nature

    • Experience to go down a box raft along the river and see the red hawk from nature

    • Discover their diverse agriculture : reed plot and napo.

    • Discover the reed mat and how the community use it.

    • Pay respect to Luang Por Tao inside Wat Bang Sa Kao and see the highlights of the community "Four Corner Meru Market"

    Chanthaburi Province is known for its agriculture (Durian!), gemstones and Chanthaboon mats. It's the opportunity to go off the beaten track and discover Thai way of life in the countryside.

    Ban Lang Community is called "3 waters, 9 fields". But why ? Simply because they possess multiple natural resources that helps them to obtain many organic products. 3 waters goes for "fresh water, salt water and brackish water" while 9 fields" goes for "rice fields, reeds, paddy fields, lotus fields, bean fields, corn fields, coconut fields and lemon fields.". Their main occupation is reed mat weaving, farming, orchards and fishing.


    Take this trip to encounter this community willing to share their slow life and strong connection with nature.


    This expedition supports Don Nai Community. Through economic development, they will be able to preserve natural resources, their unique crafts and improve their lifestyle.

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