• 2 Days | Phang Nga | South



  • 🍀Experiences:

    • Travel to Khai Nok Island and Khai Nai Island to have leisure time : snorkeling, seeing corals, beautiful fishes, swim..

    • Enjoy a tie-dye activity by using sea water and natural dyes

    • Cook some local dishes

    • Sightseeing in the community and visit others one.

    Phang Nga Province is famous for its cave and magnificent sea life. Those willing to spend the whole day in the sea will be satisfied. You will witness those limestones karsts that define paradise for some travelers.

    Created for sea lover, this two days trip is an opportunity to visit Khai Nok Island and Khai Nai Island. The water is very clear which means that snorkeling and scuba diving are divine here. Also Khai Nai Island is the shelter of friendly stray cats which is perfect for animal lovers. Last but not least, the seafood here is on another level and Ao Kra Por Community know how to enhance it.  


    This expedition supports Ao Kra Por Community. Through economic development, they will be able to preserve natural resources and their unique crafts.

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