• 1 hour | Convenient & Easy | Loei



  • 🍀Experiences:

    • Paint your own mask or keychain of the feathered ghost and bring it back as a souvenir !

    • Learn about local tradition

    • Share a meaningful moment with the locals

    Situated in the northest of Thailand, Loei Province is known for its magical mountains. Called Phu Kradueng, Phu Luang and Phu Ruea, it offers natural landscapes from another level.

    Turn rush hour into art hour by letting your creativity flows.


    Add color to the mask or keychain of the feathered ghost as a souvenir. Learn about the local tradition such rituals to pay homage to the ancestors. After each Visakha Bucha Day, the villagers organize rituals and special ceremony every year.


    This activity of 1 hour could be a great deal to add authenticity in your trip.


    This program will support Ban Na Sao School. Through economic development, they will be able to preserve their traditions.

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